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Wicklow Pothole action group


Att: Wicklow County council  

To whom it may concern,

We, the Wicklow pothole action group, were informed about this pothole yesterday I went out to day to take a photo of it and as I was driving along the R761 about 350 yards after Hunters Hotel in the direction of Newcastle I came across the pothole in question .Attached are some photos and a video clip so you can get a sense of the size it is. We wish to now pass this information on to you in the hope you will take prompt action in repairing this danger to road users and prevent damage to citizen’s vehicles.

May we offer our thanks for your prompt action in the past?

Thomas Clarke




Wicklow County councile

Dear Sir or madam,

 I would like to bring you attention to the dangerous condition of the road surface in the following areas the Beehive Inn  (R751) is really bad and up along the Lower Ballynerrin road is also bad and along the Marlton road.,

On the Dublin road in the direction of Rathnew

I call on you to take immediate steps to repair these road surfaces

Please follow link to vied damaged road surfaces


Thomas Clarke

Wicklow Pothole action group


Wicklow  Potholes.             27.01.2010

 The local car repair garages are doing a roaring trade, with Shocks, Suspension, Tyres, wheel balancing and Barings as a result of the poor surface on the Abby road &Marlton road junction

 Icall on Wicklow County Council and Town Council do something about this before you start receiving motorist’s car repair bills

 I had to pay out 350Euro just for wheel Barings last week.

If you are fed up with potholes in your area, send a picture of them to me and I will post them on this blog, I will also send in a report to the county counsel and I will continue to highlight them until the counsel repairs them

This offer is also open to all water pipe bursts along the road ways of Wicklow as well

new posting 25.09.2010 https://thepressnet.com/2010/09/25/wicklow-town-road-works/



Pothole shown above was repaired within 3 days of this posting

Comments on: "Wicklow Pothole action group" (2)

  1. Dear Machholz,

    I wanted to thank you for highlighting the Pothole issue in Wicklow and it’s great to hear that soon after posting the video, the council repaired the damaged road. If you have contacts, or indeed are a member yourself, of the Wicklow Pothole action group I’d very much appreciate you passing on my details and of course the details of my website – http://www.potholes.ie. Like you we will pursue councils the length and breadth of the country trying to raise the issues caused by potholes and pressurise them into action.

    Our biggest concern with our roads is not the cost of damage done to tyres. As big an issue this maybe, we feel the safety of road users is being seriously jeopardised by potholes and 3% of road fatalities last year were caused in part by road conditions.

    We are also running a campaign to find the Worst Pothole in Ireland. Entries can be made on our Facebook Page (www.fb.com/Potholes.ie).

    Kindest regards,

    Graham Fitzpatrick

    • I am delighted to hear from you and I am happy to post any news you may have on any road user safety issues. With councils funds diminishing, the temptation is always is to cut expenditure on the local roads, this is turn causes damage to the hard pressed taxpayers vehicles. Thus causing accidences .We are determent to hold the local councils to account and in fairness they have been prompt in their response when we have highlighted the various potholes around our area .Best wishes for now

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