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I am glad that the maths I learned when I was at school is still the same and 1+1 still = 2

Brian M. Lucey

This is a extended version of a column published in The Irish Examiner 9 February 2013

teddebtSo now we know – its Frankfurts way, all the way. One can only wonder what was going through the minds of the labour party ministers as they signed off the deal that irrevocably linked the Anglo debt to the state. Was it the words of Collins on his signing the AngloIrish treaty , in a political sense? Or was it the words of Mr Rabbitt on the distinction between electioneering and governing? Or was it simply thanks that there was a deal, any deal, that didn’t require a payment on 31 March? Regardless it is now clear that they have swapped a shortterm loan of dubious legality and even more dubious morality for a longterm loan of impeccable national standing. There is zero chance of ever getting out of this now. Zero. All…

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We will be holding an information stall for the public on Cook street before the ICTU demo tomorrow from 12 45 and are looking for as many people as possible to talk to the public and give out leaflets.   If you feel you can help don’t fail to contact us.


The Peoples Convention in Dublin will be holding a public information meeting on the Property Tax in the Sean McDermott St area on the 5th March.  This will be a public debate and information session.  Both sides of the debate including all local representatives will be invited to give their side of the story.
In the Peoples Convention we believe that the people should have a right to decide on laws like this and we intend to hold regular public forums like this on issues of importance to the people of the area both local and national.

In the lead up to this we will be doing public outreach activities including doing a survey with people in the area to ask them which issues concern them the most in the area, writing to local groups about the Peoples Convention, and publicising the public meeting by putting up posters, notices and shops and some door to door leafleting.


If you would like to help out with the activities of the Peoples Convention in Dublin why not come along to our planning meetings which will take place  on Tuesdays in the Abbey Hotel 52 Middle Abbey St at 7pm

If you would like more information don’t hesitate to contact us at 0857815487  or replying to the above email.


Laurence Vize

Mobile: 085-7815487  Website: An Chomhdháil Phobail | The Peoples Convention Follow CPPC_IE on Twitter LIKE the page on Facebook

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