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Kenny and Noonan,s scam on the Anglo Irish promissory notes

Lubeck   08.02.2013

2nd week in Lubeck 2013 009

I just finished writing that the snow was all gone when I wake up this morning only to see a fresh coat of snow was dumped on Lubeck this morning. Lubeck is a beautiful Hansa Town and the snow does bring out something different every time. The Ice skating ring is still there and the local people are still enjoying it .I intend to give it a go to-morrow.

Otherwise the economic news is good for Germany as a whole over 100 billion in surplus last year! But there is also some troubling news thousands of steel workers are going to loos their jobs and yesterday 1000 redundancies were announced at a printing press! Then we have 2000 jobs to go in the steel industry. The science  government Minister has lost the doctor title as she is accused of cheating in her doctor theses ( over 20 years ago)So there you have it the Germans have long memories. The german Justice Minster was caught driving while drunk

Meanwhile back at the ranch in Ireland

I see Michael Noonan and Edna Kenny are all over the Irish press saying they did such a great job for Ireland on the Anglo Irish Bonds( promissory notes); well I must burst that bubble here .The news hasn’t even reached our local rag not to mind the general press. The news is in fact no news because it is not worth righting about! The boys have pulled a fast one, a scam, a fixer. All they done is to extend the time Ireland had to a longer period and smaller payments over a longer term. In other words they have re-mortgaged our country and pushed the burden of debt on to the next generation of Irish taxpayers. But don’t think we are off the hook we will now in fact have to pay double the original amount back to the gangsters who caused this financial meltdown in the first place! We were supposed to get a right down or a cut in the overall debt instead we are now going to pay twice as much over a longer period and we end paying debts that are not even ours! How’s that for an Irish solution to an Irish problem led by Gombeens and two incompetent teachers?

We the people are still stuck with private banker debts and we have ended up with a worse deal as we now have had two Irish governments accept these debts on behalf of the Irish people and we will now have to pay these gambling debt from the bondholders i.e.(Deutsche Bank etc)These sell-outs have just legitimized the unjust demands for payment of this  “odious debts” from the gamblers in Frankfurt and Brussels. These morons (Kenny and Noonan) have put a chain of debt around every Irish citizen and we are now officially debt slaves .Is this something we should be grateful for ??? No Not I .

Make no mistake we are now been controlled and forced to comply with the dictates of unelected forces from outside the republic and we have been sold out by the politicians who are only interested in their own pensions and perks .we must not accept this treachery.

Message to Merkel, I and my family do not accept that these two gobshits are acting on my behalf, they are your stooges and you are welcome to keep them!

mise le mas

Thomás O Cléirigh

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