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article by colmbrazel:

We hear Prof Honahan is preparing yet another proposal for the ECB. His other proposals rejected outright, he’s running out of time and options and doesn’t understand the meaning of NO!.

It’s embarrassing he’s at this point following 2 years of intense negotiations. He’s been so compliant and submissive and persuasive he risks being compared to Mrs Doyle of Fr Ted fame failing to persuade visitors to one of her LTRO sandwiches.

The process referred to above of self humiliation of Ireland Inc continues led by our failed negotiators. This time they have surpassed themselves not by liquidating NAMA overnight in Leinster House but in fraudulently pretending this move is good for Irish taxpayers, or that it will leverage support from the ECB to Ireland’s debt negotiations currently unfolding and unravelling 800 employees of IBRC are pretended to be laid off. Lets open the can of worms, shall we?

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