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al-Blankfein with close ally J’aymee Demon

Internal reforms denounced as ‘window dressing’

Now that it is clear that L’oyd Al-Blankfein’s evil regime at Goldman Syria has the natives in open revolt, I think it’s high time the UN stepped in to boycott the firm’s products. Before fleeing dissident Greg S’mith’s open letter to Nu YorJhatimes, of course, we all knew anyway that Goldman was up to no good. It was bankrolling Greek embezzlers and working with the terrorist organisation Hedgbofund, but the point is that, now weve been told they crap on clients, well….we have no choice but to condemn it.

Although the company’s absolute ruler Al-Blankfein has been trying all week to stem the revolt by promising reform along with mass executions for anyone who utters so much as a peep to the press, few outsiders are impressed: it’s the Wall Street Spring. For the likes of the Beastly…

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