What is truth?

By David Mc Williams

In the past week there have been a variety of reactions to the fiscal compact referendum. On the Yes side, we are getting the usual establishment cocktail of indignation, anger, haughtiness and scare mongering. It’s kind of pathetic the way the Yes side oscillates between apocalypse and indifference like a tired parent dealing with an irritating child.

One day it is “the sky will fall in” if we vote no. The next it’s a case of “nothing will happen, this will go ahead anyway and we will get left behind”; the inference being we don’t count so our vote is not particularly important for the bigger project.

In previous referendums the central argument was “we have to vote yes because if we don’t Europe will stop”. This time one of the central arguments on the Yes side is we have to vote Yes because Europe will just carry on regardless.

So we have to vote yes when we matter and yes when we don’t.

On the No side we also have the rather duplicitous “treaty on austerity” slogan, which seems to suggest that if we vote no there will be money aplenty for all things and the State’s budget can be in deficit for perpetuity.

It seems that we can look forward to a campaign based on half-truths from both sides.

Let us be clear about something. The fiscal compact is all about German politics

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Germany is strong but give it time for the effect of he imposed austerity measures on the smaller countries of Europe who now cannot but the expensive products of Germany anymore because all of our cash is been taken away to pay for the gambling debts of the German Banks .Things are beginning to happened here in Germany Yesterday the health services were on strike and they were looking for 6.5% increase in wages .To-day the rail workers were on strike looking for a similar amount of wage increase. The German President of 20months was forced to resign over questionable financial actions .I was in local shops looking for shoes and was shocked at the prices for I consider to be ordinary booths( 160 euro and upwards). The average take home pay is about 1200 Euros  and taxes are on the way up .I also noticed some shops have closed down in what one would consider the best trading street in my town Lubeck (the Hux Str ) .Still there is no shortage of the Banks willing to lend  on property.

The town is getting ready for the summer tourist season and the main pedestrian street is been dug up for the umpteenth time for a facelift by the workers of the council. Still one notices that activity has gone down and people do not go out as often as they used to during the week .The problems of Ireland Greece are far from the minds of ordinary Germans and I can report that they couldn’t care less ,” those countries must get their house in order” “They must live within their means” .Order must be kept in Europe”   are some of the expressions I hear when I ask people I know .Germany has forgotten what it was like when they were on their knees after the last war If the rest of Europe  insisted Germany should face sever austerity measures  then, they would never have had the economic miracle they had . The smaller nations of Europe now need the same Marshall plan (massive investment) not the austerity Germany  is demanding  which after all is only bailing out their own corrupt banks!

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