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Taoiseach dismisses concerns of Limerick consultant

By Mike Dwane

TO suggest the welfare of Limerick mothers and babies was being sacrificed in order to pay off German banks was “outrageous”, Taoiseach Enda Kenny has told the Dail in response to criticisms this week by consultant obstetrician Dr Gerry Burke.

Deputy Willie O’Dea had asked the Taoiseach for a response to Dr Burke’s concerns over an “exodus” of midwives from the Mid-Western Regional Maternity Hospital.

Up to 20 are expected to go next month under a retirement scheme that sees public servants get pensions based on their pre-cut salaries. Combined with those who have already left the Ennis Road hospital, this would leave the Maternity more than 20 per cent short of its complement of midwives and no contingency plan had been presented by Government or the HSE to date, Dr Burke said.

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This gutless politician has handed over Irish taxpayer’s money to the very gangsters who are slowly stripping this country of its very life blood. Why are we the people allowing these gutless politicians who are the mouthpieces of our modern-day absent landlords to strip us naked ? It’s time to get up of our collective backsides  and take matters into our own hands and show that we the people are not going to continue to pay gangsters and gamblers for their enormous losses forever! This government is a total disaster and is a god sent for the bondholders who have lost on their bets but this gutless bunch are still paying them all their losses. Kenny and his bunch are responsible for the continuing financial disaster that is now visiting every family in the country.

Leo Varadkar’s Bomb!

Trends In The News: At First They Ignore You, (12 January) 2012 Gerald Celente

How to Work Out of the Long and Painful Debt Deleveraging Process

By John_Mauldin

This week we look at a report called “Working Out of Debt,” about   debt and deleveraging, from the McKinsey Global Institute. This is a   well-done summary of their longer paper, which has been updated, called   “Debt and deleveraging: Uneven progress on the path to growth.” I   discussed the original paper both in my regular letter and in Endgame.   It is one of the best, most definitive pieces on the topic I have read.   For those trying to understand how the deleveraging process will affect   their particular world, I think it is a must-read. I have been spending   more and more time thinking about the whole process of deleveraging,   and am coming to think deleveraging is the critical and   fundamental factor shaping the economic environment and impacting every   decision countries and businesses are faced with. This paper was done by   Karen Croxson, Susan Lund, and Charles Roxburgh; and they are to be   especially commended for their insight and work.

full article at source:http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article32776.html

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