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So Enda can now clam he has saved Ireland because the EU
have given us a discount  of close to 2% on the Interest rates that they are charging us on the so called bailout of the Irish republic. Most of the established media outlets were heaping parse on him and his government and we also got timely polls showing an increase on his leadership and Fins Gael are still firmly in control. The message is, all is well as Fine Gael steers the Good ship Eireann through heavy storms. Everybody is forgetting that this bunch of politicians have dumped all of their election promises and
have sold our nation into debt slavery.

A 2% discount is welcome but we should not be paying anything in the first place, we are saddled with private banking debts that are really belonging to the Deutsche Bank and their shareholders. Kenny and his band of compliant political leaches are looking after number one (Themselves)When all the bought off media settle down, we will be faced with reality .We are still in the dog house and we are going to be stripped of all our assets
,everything is up for grabs, what deals were done to get this 2% deduction ?what hospitals were offered up to the altar of  private enterprise .How many national roads are Kenny and his band now going to privatise and how many more public motorways are now going to have Tolls put on them?

With the ECB now on an interest rate rise mode we will have only a short reprieve as interest rates keep on rising over the coming months and years this discount will evaporate soon enough ! The Squeeze of the ordinary customers of the now nationalised Irish banks is set to continue .On Friday I received notice from Permanent TSB on the latest rise is their interest rates .The Rate is to go up from 5.44 % to now 5.70%. (We are all now paying sub-prime rates) If I was anywhere else within the euro zone I would be paying 2.25% max, a 3.45% over charging on my account is been allowed by the government in order to allow these gangsters build up their capital reserves .So the discount the government is claiming credit for is in fact been paid in any case be every mortgage holder in the country ,and I expect they will be paying a lot more in the coming months as the government have agreed to get the money for their masters in stealth taxes instead!

Our Government have allowed and is allowing the outright exploitation of all Irish mortgage holders Make no mistake what has happened in Europe during the week was the establishment of a two tear euro area where if you are in the top area you get to have lower interest rates and goods prices (Cars etc) and if you are in the Pigs area you get to pay higher interest on your mortgage and pay stealth taxes  on everything ranging from extra taxes on our ports ,airports, and roads ,hospital charges and  even local community charges .

No my friends this is not a time to celebrate we are been bamboozled,
hoodwinked, and fleeced .It’s like we’re been invited to a party but at the end we find out we are the ones that have to pay the bill.  I say again this is not our debt ,it is private debt and the Irish nation should not be forced into a position  in having to pay these private debts ,no government has the right to impose this debt on the Irish nation and I do not accept any responsibility for any of this odious debt. We are sleep walking into a new super federal state, a new order of debt slavery and our guteless politicians are doing the cheerleading as we happily put on the chains of debt.

”I say no way we won’t play”There is a bigger game  and we,re not players!

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  1. Donal Buckley said:

    You are justified in everything you state here.
    There is a mismatch between national and international issues.

    Mr Kenny’s last visit to a European meeting has brought home good news for this little Country.
    There seems to be a sort of lucky charm aura about Mr kenny and international events which impact on this Island.
    Our taoiseach has a happy knack of turning up at meetings over which he has little or no input , and regularly comming away with benefits for Ireland.
    There should be permanent rooms for him in Brussels or Paris or Berlin for mr kenny and he could move constantly from one power base to another gathering good things for Ireland as he goes?

    Unfortunately his lucky charm does not work at home.
    Mr kenny is roumoured to travel by helicopter from Dublin to his home place in the West.
    The roads and bridges across the Shannon are too dangerous for him to travel.
    Mr Cowen took ten years of government mismanagement before he feared to turn up at his local agricultural show in Tullamore.
    Mr Kenny has achieved this level of fear of his own people in little over 100 days in government.
    He could not go to the Connaught final for fear of encountering threats and demonstrations.

    The polls and the fearful media are producing and reporting popularity results which have nothing to do with reality.
    The media are weighed down with cronyism and protection of the Euro 4,000 per week golden circle of approximately 10,000 snouts in the trough of borrowed money.

    The media commission the polls.

    “He who commissions receives” is appropriate to any poll.
    Or ” he who pays the piper calls the tune”.

    Are polls any different to the crony press and other irish media?

    • Thank you for your comment
      Thank God, I was beginning to think I will have to emigrate as it appeared I was the only one in Ireland who was not buying the media hype .Now that you mention it of course the state controlled media are indeed one of the tools the government are using to dumb down the general populous .What is frightening is the fact that they are so successful in getting their way? You are of course correct there are about 10 to 15,000 snouts in the public purse trough and the Unions bosses are well represented amongst them. Only when the low paid workers and the unemployed unite and make a stand for their public services will we see any real change in Irish politics. It is such a pity to see services we as a generation had to work hard to achieve we now see then dismantled and so the emigration option is once more a reality for so many of our youth and our nation’s future is looking bleak with only the gombeens in charge once again!

  2. Liam O'Mahony said:

    So what exactly are you proposing; I mean in detail. I agree with your sentiments but honestly, sentiment ain’t worth diddly squat! Personally, I believe we need to draw up a list of “Enemies of the People”, ie all those who are guilty of (or complicit in) selling this country down the toilet be they bankers, financial advisers, lawyers, developers, TDs or whatever. If we then shun these people until they make amends that might achieve something. By shun I mean refuse to serve them in shops, refuse them all goods and services of every kind until the put right the wrongs they have done. Sell them nothing; buy nothing from them. Ban them from our premises etc. Obviously there are degrees of wrongdoing and so should be degrees of shunning. Allowing them to continue laughing at us is a bit hard to take.

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