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The world’s largest atom smasher is really cranking now

The world’s largest atom smasher is really cranking now: Protons zipped around the giant underground ring at near light-speed and collided head on, releasing record-breaking energies.

The beauty of the fallout from these powerful particle smash-ups can be seen in images released yesterday (May 21) by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), which oversees the 17-mile-long (27 kilometers) Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The underground particle collider in Switzerland awoke in April after a two-year snooze for repairs and upgrades.

This week during a test run, the protons sped into each other with energies of 13 tera-electronvolts (TeV), or double the collider’s previous power. [See Photos of the World’s Largest Atom Smasher (LHC)]

Ireland makes History


Village magazine clearly shows that there is a business connection between Walter Hobbs and Denis O’Brien

This is a quote from RTE’s webpage on April 23rd, 2015. “The independent expert who oversaw the sale of Siteserv for IBRC said Denis O’Brien’s offer was accepted because it was the best, simplest and could be completed.
Speaking on RTÉ’s Prime Time, Walter Hobbs said that when he began dealing with the transaction €100m was already gone and the question was if they could rescue the other €50m.”

But the excerpt from an article quoted in my photo from this month’s Village magazine clearly shows that there is a business connection between Walter Hobbs and Denis O’Brien.

KPMG and the good judge (retired) Iarfhlaith O’Neill are bound to discover that, don’t you think. What. You DON’T think so.



Dublin: The Fairview Park Murders and the Declan Flynn murder case

Fairview Park Protest March photographed on Amiens Street, Dublin by Derek Speirs, courtesy “Out For Ourselves” (Womens Community Press, 1986) | Irish Queer Archives/Come here to me | 14074

In 1982 during the summer a series of systematic beatings was carried out in Fairview Park, Dublin. Gay men used the park as a meeting place and for cruising. On September 10, the gang attacked 31-year-old Aer Rianta worker Declan Flynn. One of the gang was used as ‘bait’ and when Flynn sat down next to him on the bench, the other four rushed out from behind trees.

Their victim managed to run towards the gate and the main road but did not get out of the park in time. They kicked and beat him with sticks and left Declan Flynn lying on the path choking on his own blood. He died within an hour of admission to Blanchardstown…

source: https://oconnellpadd13.wordpress.com/2015/05/24/dublin-the-fairview-park-murders-and-the-declan-flynn-murder-case/


Well Declan,

Ireland has made history in allowing equal rights for the Gay community may you rest in peace !

High Court Decision on Possession Order Judgments of the Circuit Court

Some of you may already be aware of Judge Murphy’s judgment in the case of Bank of Ireland Mortgage Bank v Finnegan and Anor (Ward) which she delivered on Wednesday, 20-May-2015 (attached in PDF format).
This case was appealed by Finnegan/Ward to the High Court as a result of Bank of Ireland Mortgage Bank (Plaintiffs) that made application for possession of a domestic house to the circuit court on the basis that a domestic house had a rateable valuations less than 253 euro. But as we know Fianna Fail got rid of rates on homes back in 1977. Unfortunately all financial lenders, not just Bank of Ireland were using the same invalid basis in law to get these cases into the circuit courts around our country.
On Wednesday Judge Murphy delivered her decision that as domestic houses are not subject to rates, or are rateable, that:
“35. It appears to the Court on the evidence, that the plaintiff and others have devised and used an ad hoc non-statutory process which is devoid of legal effect, for the purpose of persuading the Circuit Court that it has a jurisdiction which it does not in fact enjoy. This is a matter of serious concern to the Court. The standard letter issued by the Valuation Office in this and other cases may be derived from the type of letter issued by them in respect of rateable properties such as off licences which are in the process of being valued, but the fact is that the content of these letters, however unintentional, is misleading when applied to domestic premises. The letter states “I refer to your application for a certificate showing the rateable valuation for the above property. I regret that I am unable to issue such a certificate as the property is not as yet valued for rating purposes”. The clear import of the terminology used is that the property is rateable but not yet rated, when as the Valuation Office well knows, the property is by virtue of the Act not rateable at all. In so far as this practice may be ongoing it should cease forthwith.”
As you know we have been confronting the many circuit courts around the country for some time now on the basis that what they were doing was illegal, unlawful and immoral. Further, in the case of one court in the West of Ireland where the Registrar halted the court on two occassions as a result of objections from members of the public based on the unlawfulness (and illegality) of the proceedings we were disappointed to see his determination to proceed through the court list with the intention of making orders even after he was put on notice publicly.
We have seen the same in every court across the country, from Dundalk to Galway to Trim to Cork. It can not be said that it was confined to one particulare geographic area, it was endemic and a co-ordinated effort to expedite the procees of taking people’s homes.
This abuse of process, this unlawfulness and illegality had to be stopped – it was a speedy method to dispossess people of their homes for the financial gains of a few. Sadly, in many cases, when we presented at courthouses and informed those waiting for their cases to be called on the illegality of procedures in the courts most people ignored what we were telling them in favour of what the solicitors were advising them. What will happen now to those people who took advise from counsel which resulted in the loss of their homes? Have they a come-back?
This could be partly answered in Judge Murphy’s decision when she referred to the case of Harrington & Keohane v. Murphy [1989] I.R. 207, a decision of O’Hanlon J., concerned an application for certiorari by the applicants against a Circuit Court judge on grounds that the plaintiffs in the action before him had not formally proved the rateable valuation of the lands in question so as to show jurisdiction. O’Hanlon J. stated:
“25. The applicants claim that formal proof of the rateable valuation of the lands was necessary in order to give the respondent jurisdiction to entertain the claim, but I do not construe the provisions of the Courts Supplemental Provisions Act, 1961 section 22 and the third schedule to the Act (as amended) in this manner. It appears to me that proof should be given in every case to show that the matter is within the jurisdiction of the court, but that if it is not given and the case is allowed to proceed a situation arises in which the court may or may not have jurisdiction to deal with the dispute which has been litigated before it. If it proceeds to judgment and it transpires that the matter was not within the proper jurisdiction of the Circuit Court, then the court has made an order without having jurisdiction to do so and that order should, in the normal course of events, be set aside ex debito justitiae, on the application of a party who is affected by the making of the order.”
This decision may not apply in many cases going before the Circuit Court, however it will make it more difficult for financial lenders and the Circuit Courts to deal with applications for Orders of Possession particularly where there is no consent by the home-owners to the application.
The final paragraph in Judge Murphy’s report is most interesting as it stays bluntly that in the overall scheme of things that this decision is really only a stop-gap as the lenders could simply make application to the High Court and proceed without reference to the Circuit Court at all, she states:
“37. For the foregoing reasons the Court will allow the defendants’ appeal on jurisdiction. In doing so, the Court observes that the defendants’ success on this aspect of the case is a pyrrhic victory. In circumstances where there is no dispute that the defendants borrowed the money and no dispute that they ceased making the agreed repayments in August 2011, this judgment merely postpones the day of reckoning while their debt keeps mounting. So be it.”
However, it’s greatest benefit may be that it will force the court system and lenders from circumventing the legal processes and abusing the court system in an effort to immorally deprive people off their family homes, which do not forget, is protected under section 133 of the Land and Conveyancing Reform Act, 2009.
The Land League.

Irish Water ( paying for the rain coming off you roof) ( wast water removal)

By Thomás O Cléirigh
If you look carefully on the Irish water bill below,you will see that the Bill charges for water supplied AND waste water removed! The amount of waste water removed is the same as the amount of water supplied BUT this is NOT the case as there is more waste water leaving the house because of RAIN WATER coming of the roof!
Now in Germany they have assessed homes by the size of the roof and the amount of rain water coming on to the roof through the local weather stations! This is fact as I personally have seen these bills for myself and this is why IRISH WATER have this distinction on the bills I expect they will enforce this part of the bill after the next general election and you can expect average bills of 800 euro and upwards! This is also to catch people who claim that they have their own water wells!
THIS IS ON THE WAY! We must fight this ! paying for the rain !
I have a rain barrel that can hold 220 liters and when empty ,if it rains it will fill up in the first ten minutes during a normal shower so imagine the amount of rain water coming off your roof you will need a new mortgage by the time you get you bill from Irish water!

Resident’s Movement for Political change's photo.

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