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Anti Home Eviction News( Know the Law )



People turned up today to resist the eviction of residents from a house in Lower Grangegorman. The eviction of the people that were living at the house was prevented after talks with the Garda and two men that entered the house to evict. The support from locals was tremendous in standing with their neighbors. More and more people came along to support, five musicians joined up for a session of some fine country music. This song is called Take a Whiff on Me, trad.



Hi all,

Currently there is an effort in progress to remove the horses of the land of Margaret Hanrahan in Co. Tipperary. The horses need to be removed in order for the new “owner” to take possession. Apparently on haulier in the locality has been offered 6,000 euro to take them off the land.

Anyone interested in supporting Margaret should ring her on 087-253 6600 as she is endeavouring to work out a rota that someone will be on the farm night and day, as the new ‘owner’ needs to get prossession before legal proceedings begin on the 17th. If she can prevent him from removing the horses prior to that date.

Below is an extract from Finbar Markey’s facebook which provides a brief outline of her predicament:


On the 17th of May Margaret Hanrahan will have her day in court against ACC despite the fact that the bank spent many scores of thousands of Euros trying to stop the case and suppress the truth. At the same time a dirty land-grabber, in the habit of targeting widows using brutal methods of intimidation, is trying to buy her farm from the receivers for little or nothing, having sat at Margaret’s kitchen table pretending to be her friend and supporter but all the time gathering information on her case.

It is a fact that Margaret’s lands were ploughed to starve her horses and one was brutally murdered. This dirty land-grabber knows the game is up on the 17th and today Margaret was rang by an honest Irish Haulier who told her that he had offered him 6,000 euro this week to remove the horses from the farm. We appeal to all hauliers throughout Ireland to resist this judas’ money. Allow Margaret the court victory on the 17th that will set the stage for future successes in the courts against the banks. We also ask that people throughout the country come together to protect the farm until the 17th of May. Its a beautiful spot of South Tipperary, take a break for a few days and be treated like royalty by Margaret. Let’s pull together folks,, firstly by sharing this post. Send a message for further details….”

- courtesy Finbar Markey.

It is sad to say that we have seen similar issues in different areas of our country over the last couple of weeks where one neighbour seeks to personally benefit from the misfortunes of another neighbour. The next time it could be one of us that needs the help of our friends and neighbours – please circulate this message and try to help Margaret in whatever way you can by ringing another or ringing Margaret to offer her your assistance – Now!

See you in Tipperary!




 Water Tax ( Open letter to Mr. Phil Hogan )
To Mr Phil Hogan
We are now been threatened with the withdrawal of water services if we don’t pay this latest troika tax .This is a tax on people’s right to life .This is a direct threat to families and it is a matter of life and death! How do you respond when thugs threaten your life and that of your family ????When Thugs try to extort money from you and your family??? Minster Hogan you are forcing the hand of the ordinary decent people of Ireland: Our right to water is been threatened and therefore our right to live by the state, and I personally will take on any means to defend my constitutional right to defend my home and family from an out of touch state and its servants by whatever means I can muster .I hold you personally and the rest of the government and its servants responsible for any attack on my home or my family .You are wrong and this double taxation on our homes and water is not right. You are using the power entrusted to you and your government by me and the people of Ireland you have betrayed this thrust and you are no longer acting on behalf of the people of Ireland but rather corporate greedy parasites who are slowly forcing our people to become their personal cash cows! We the people have had enough. We will not pay for the private gambling debts of you pals from the banks and the building industry; we will not forgive this treacherous act on the people of Ireland. I demand the immediate stop to this outrageous and blatant attempt to subdue gate me and my family into a position of financial slavery and bondage to your greedy industrial pals .
Mise le mass
Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh 04.2014

Just look at the court list for Galway tomorrow:

Circuit CourtGalway County Registrar’s List ; civil Court Office: Galway Court Office

04/29/2014 Repossessions
1 2013/01004 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Helen Murphy : Hugh J. Ward & Company, / Helen Murphy (Lay Litigant),
2 2013/01005 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Brendan Biggins And Mary Biggins : Hugh J. Ward & Company, / Kennedy Fitzgerald,
3 2013/01009 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Jane Mulrooney : Beauchamps, / ,
4 2013/01010 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Brian Shaughnessy : Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company, / ,
5 2013/01012 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – John Hodgins And Avellino Hodgins : Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company, / ,
6 2013/01019 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Niall Duffy And Jessica Duffy : Hugh J. Ward & Company, / O’donnell Waters,
7 2013/01020 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Barry Flannery And Eileen Flannery : Hugh J. Ward & Company, / Swaine,
8 2013/01024 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – James Dunne : Beauchamps, / ,
9 2013/01131 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Shiu Yuen Chui And Noeleen Chui : Hugh J. Ward & Company, / Shiu Yuen Chui (Lay Litigant),
10 2013/01132 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Raymond Lee And Rena Mcgrath : Hugh J. Ward & Company, / Raymond Lee (Lay Litigant),
11 2013/01134 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Sean O’toole : Beauchamps, / ,
12 2013/01138 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Michael Bradley : Hugh J. Ward & Company, / ,
13 2013/01139 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Jimmy Quinn And Edel Burke : Hugh J. Ward & Company, / ,
14 2013/01145 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Sean Barrington And Teresa Barrington : Hugh J. Ward & Company, / ,
15 2013/01149 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Gerard Costello : Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company, / ,
16 2013/01150 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Niall Cunningham : Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company, / O’donnell Waters,
17 2013/01152 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Anthony Casey And Mary Casey : Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company, / ,
18 2013/01153 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Gerald Merrigan Jnr And Derek Merrigan : Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company, / ,
19 2013/01154 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Paul Hurley : Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company, / Shields & Kavanagh,
20 2013/01155 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Peter Brogan And Rosemarie Ryan Brogan : Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company, / ,
21 2013/01156 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Edward Reilly And Mary O’brien : Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company, / ,
22 2013/01160 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Mairead Collins : Hugh J. Ward & Company, / ,
23 2013/01162 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Brian Carolan : Hugh J. Ward & Company, / O’donnell Waters,
24 2013/01163 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Peter Tonery And Lilian Tonery : Hugh J. Ward & Company, / Kennedy Fitzgerald,
25 2013/01165 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Bernard & Breege Brennan : Hugh J. Ward & Company, / ,
26 2013/01166 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Padraic Mccahill : Hugh J. Ward & Company, / ,
27 2013/01258 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Raymond Kellegher And Susan Kellegher : Hugh J. Ward & Company, / ,
28 2013/01261 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – John Shaughnessy And Olive Shaughnessy : Beauchamps, / ,
29 2013/01262 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Cormack Ryan And Maeve Ryan : Beauchamps, / ,
30 2013/01263 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Brian Fahy : Beauchamps, / ,
31 2011/01919 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Paul Fahy : Hugh J. Ward & Company, / ,
32 2013/01328 Bank Of Scotland Plc – V – Emmet Stankard : Woods Hogan, / ,
33 2014/00044 Haven Mortgages Limited – V – Frederick Murray And Elaine Browne : Porter Morris & Company, / ,
34 2014/00045 Ebs Mortgage Finance – V – Maria Smyth : Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company, / ,
35 2014/00046 Ebs Mortgage Finance – V – Lorraine Brennan : Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company, / ,
36 2014/00047 Ebs Limited – V – Padraig Kirrane : Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company, / ,
37 2014/00048 Haven Mortgages Limited – V – Gerard Brady And Tara Young : A.B.Wolfe & Co., / ,
38 2014/00049 Ebs Limited – V – Clare Lenehan : A.B.Wolfe & Co., / ,
39 2014/00050 Ebs Limited – V – Martin Geoghegan : A.B.Wolfe & Co., / ,
40 2014/00051 Ebs Limited – V – Helen O’neill : A.B.Wolfe & Co., / ,
41 2014/00052 Haven Mortgages Limited – V – Barry Crosse : A.B.Wolfe & Co., / ,
42 2014/00053 Kbc Bank Ireland P.L.C. – V – Laura Birmingham : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
43 2014/00054 Ebs Limited – V – Ronan O’laoi And Deirdre O’laoi : Rdj Glynn, / ,
44 2014/00055 Ebs Limited – V – Richard Lyons And Cara Lyons : Rdj Glynn, / ,
45 2014/00056 Ebs Mortgage Finance – V – Noreen O’mahony : Ronan Daly Jermyn, / ,
46 2014/00057 Ebs Mortgage Finance – V – Michael Kelly : Rdj Glynn, / ,
47 2014/00058 Ebs Mortgage Finance – V – Colette Holgate : Rdj Glynn, / ,
48 2014/00068 Bank Of Scotland Plc – V – Fiachra Baynes (Sued In His Capacity As Administrator Of The Estate Of William Howard Deceased) : Woods Hogan, / Baynes & Co.,
49 2014/00069 Bank Of Scotland Plc – V – Frank Egan (Sued In His Capacity As Administrator Of The Estate Of Ciaran Levanzin Deceased) : Woods Hogan, / ,
50 2008/01866 Bank Of Scotland Plc – V – Regina Duggan Walsh : Woods Hogan & Company, / Lay Litigant,
51 2013/01027 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Sean Quinn Walsh And Mary Quinn Walsh : Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company, / ,
52 2013/01023 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Josephine Mckeon And John Cunningham : Beauchamps, / ,
53 2013/01022 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Darragh Byrne : Hugh J. Ward & Company, / ,
54 2013/01365 Bank Of Ireland Mortgage Bank – V – Shane Hanley And Alan Giblin : Rdj Glynn, / Shane Hanl:Ey (Lay Litigant),
55 2013/01025 Kbc Bank Ireland P.L.C. – V – Elaine Black : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
56 2013/01479 Aib Mortgage Bank – V – Thomas Coniry And Patricia Coniry : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
57 2013/01478 Aib Mortgage Bank – V – Catherine M Begley And Marcus Begley : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
58 2013/01477 Aib Mortgage Bank And Allied Irish Banks Plc – V – John Noone : Joynt And Crawford, / Mullery,
59 2013/01476 Aib Mortgage Bank – V – Tommy Cunningham And Geraldine Cunningham : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
60 2013/00325 Bank Of Scotland Plc – V – P J Heffernan And Maureen Heffernan : Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company, / Mannion Aird & Company,
61 2013/01480 Aib Mortgage Bank – V – Colman Grealish : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
62 2013/01483 Aib Mortgage Bank – V – Riocard Browne : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
63 2013/01484 Aib Mortgage Bank – V – Ciara Moran (Otherwise Fitzgerald) : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
64 2013/01485 Aib Mortgage Bank And Allied Irish Banks Plc – V – Christiaan Momberg And Aoife Calnan : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
65 2013/01486 Kbc Bank Ireland P.L.C. – V – Paul Howard Taylor And Rachel Mcwalter : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
66 2013/01487 Kbc Bank Ireland P.L.C. – V – Gregory (Otherwise Greg) Monahan And Hadeel Monahan : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
67 2013/01488 Kbc Bank Ireland P.L.C. – V – Michael Coleman (Otherwise Michael Coleman (Junior)
And Fiona Coleman (Nee Donnellan) : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
68 2013/01489 Ebs Limited – V – Bridget Walsh : Rdj Glynn, / ,
69 2013/01491 Ebs Mortgage Finance – V – Philip O’sullivan And Fiona O’sullivan : Rdj Glynn, / ,
70 2013/01493 Kbc Bank Ireland Plc – V – John Byrne : A.C. Forde & Co, / ,
71 2013/01494 Ebs Limited – V – Barry Wallace And Elaine Wallace : Porter Morris, / ,
72 2013/01495 Ebs Limited – V – Gary Crehan : A.B.Wolfe & Co., / ,
73 2013/01496 Kbc Bank Ireland Plc – V – Gemma Nolan : Mcdowell Purcell, / ,
74 2013/01500 Kbc Bank Ireland Plc – V – William Greally And Bernadette Greally : Mason Hayes & Curran, / ,
75 2013/01504 Ebs Mortgage Finance – V – Seamus Connolly And Ann Connolly : Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company, / Conleth Harlow & Co., Kilrane O’callaghan & Co.,
76 2013/01505 Ebs Mortgage Finance – V – Mary Quirke : Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company, / ,
77 2013/01506 Ebs Limited – V – Emmet Smyth And Susanna Kola : Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company, / ,
78 2013/01168 Bank Of Scotland Plc – V – Norma Smits And Helen O’connor : Murray Flynn Maguire, / O. M. Cullinan & Co.,
79 2013/01269 Bank Of Scotland Plc – V – Helen O’connor : Murray Flynn Maguire, / ,
80 2013/00970 Aib Mortgage Bank – V – Conor Hayes And Mary Hayes : Joynt And Crawford, / Conor Hayes (Lay Litigant),
81 2013/01119 Kbc Bank Ireland Plc – V – Neil Salisbury : Mcdowell Purcell, / ,
82 2013/01120 Kbc Bank Ireland Plc – V – Lisa Tuohy : Mcdowell Purcell, / ,
83 2013/00144 Kbc Bank Ireland P.L.C. – V – Derek Burke : Joynt & Crawford, / ,
84 2012/01718 Bank Of Scotland Plc – V – Barbara Folan : Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company, / ,
85 2013/01013 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Gerard Finn And Sinead Crowe : Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company, / ,
86 2013/01014 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Martin Flaherty : Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company, / ,
87 2013/01015 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – John Maclean And Tanya Maclean : Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company, / ,
88 2013/01016 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – John Gannon And Kathleen Gannon : Hugh J. Ward & Company, / ,
89 2013/01017 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Peter Gormally And Deborah Gormally : Hugh J. Ward & Company, / ,
90 2013/01021 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Valerie Fahy : Hugh J. Ward & Company, / ,
91 2013/01135 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Declan Kelly : Beauchamps, / ,
92 2013/01136 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Brian Gannon And Frank Carroll : Beauchamps, / ,
93 2013/01143 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Brian Hennelly : Hugh J. Ward & Company, / ,
94 2013/01144 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Christo Balfe And Tracy Balfe : Hugh J. Ward & Company, / ,
95 2013/01146 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Timmy Fitzgerald : Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company, / ,
96 2013/01147 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Michael Mcloughlin And Sandra Flaherty : Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company, / ,
97 2013/01148 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Gary O’shaughnessy And Yvonne O’shaughnessy : Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company, / Doherty,
98 2013/01161 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – John Curley And Annette Curley : Hugh J. Ward & Company, / W.B. Gavin & Company,
99 2013/01164 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – Seosamh O’laoi And Caitriona O’laoi : Hugh J. Ward & Company, / Seosamh O’laoi (Lay Litigant),
100 2013/01259 Aib Mortgage Bank And Allied Irish Banks P.L.C. – V – Liam Patrick Reddington And Deirdre Marie Duignan : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
101 2013/01260 Aib Mortgage Bank – V – Liam Patrick Reddington And Deirdre Marie Duignan : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
102 2012/01849 Ulster Bank Ireland Limited – V – John Ruddy : Hugh J. Ward & Company, / John Ruddy (Lay Litigant),
103 2013/01457 Aib Mortgage Bank – V – Joseph Tyrrell And Paula M Flanagan : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
104 2013/01458 Aib Mortgage Bank – V – Dermot Mullins : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
105 2013/01459 Aib Mortgage Bank – V – Michael Linnane : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
106 2013/01460 Aib Mortgage Bank And
Allied Irish Banks Plc – V – Denis O’sullivan : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
107 2013/01461 Aib Mortgage Bank And
Allied Irish Banks Plc – V – Kieran Noone : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
108 2013/01462 Aib Mortgage Bank – V – Martin Loughlin : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
109 2013/01463 Aib Mortgage Bank And
Allied Irish Banks Plc – V – David Johnston : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
110 2013/01464 Aib Mortgage Bank And
Allied Irish Banks Plc – V – Gerard Cosgrove : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
111 2013/01466 Aib Mortgage Bank And
Allied Irish Banks Plc – V – Shaun Cunniffe And Geraldine Cunniffe : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
112 2013/01467 Aib Mortgage Bank And
Allied Irish Banks Plc – V – Patrick Burke : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
113 2013/01468 Aib Mortgage Bank
– V – Lisa Gillespie And Stephen S Gillespie : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
114 2013/01469 Aib Mortgage Bank And
Allied Irish Banks Plc – V – Eddie Forde And Martin Forde : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
115 2013/01470 Aib Mortgage Bank And Allied Irish Banks Plc – V – Thomas Fahy : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
116 2013/01471 Aib Mortgage Bank – V – Mary Fahey Coen And Don Coen : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
117 2013/01472 Aib Mortgage Bank And Allied Irish Banks Plc – V – Edward Mongan : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
118 2013/01473 Aib Mortgage Bank – V – Gaelan Goodfellow And Jade Gavin : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
119 2013/01474 Aib Mortgage Bank – V – Yvonne Cunningham : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
120 2013/01475 Aib Mortgage Bank – V – Thomas Knowles And Joan Knowles : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
121 2013/01169 Bank Of Scotland Plc – V – Noel Lally And Eileen Grealish : Murray Flynn Maguire, / ,
122 2013/01167 Bank Of Scotland Plc – V – Brendan Tuohy And Mary Tuohy : Murray Flynn Maguire, / Rhatigan & Co.,
123 2013/01499 Kbc Bank Ireland Plc – V – David Thessen And Tina Thessen : Mason Hayes & Curran, / ,
124 2013/01502 Kbc Bank Ireland Plc – V – Peter Mcdonagh And Noreen Mcdonagh : Mason Hayes & Curran, / ,
125 2014/00214 Ebs Limited – V – Donncha Macdonncha Otehrwise Donnacha Mcdonagh : Porter Morris & Company, / ,
126 2014/00215 Ebs Limited – V – Riona Lynagh : Porter Morris, / ,
127 2014/00216 Allied Irish Banks Plc – V – Alan Brennan And Thomas O’reilly : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
128 2014/00217 Allied Irish Banks Plc – V – Thomas O’reilly (Sued As Administrator Ad Litem Of The Estate Of Oliver Forde Deceased) : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
129 2014/00218 Allied Irish Banks Plc And Aib Mortgage Bank – V – Thomas O’reilly (Sued As Administrator Ad Litem Of The Estate Of Oliver Forde Deceased) : Joynt And Crawford, / ,
130 2014/00219 Ebs Mortgage Finance – V – Christina Dempsey And Owen O’sullivan : O’connor, / ,
131 2014/00220 Ebs Limited – V – Vicky Harte And Paul Harte : Rdj Glynn, / ,
132 2014/00221 Ebs Limited – V – Tom Beatty : Rdj Glynn, / ,
133 2014/00222 Ebs Mortgage Finance – V – Bernard Gibbons And Yvonne Gibbons : Rdj Glynn, / ,
134 2014/00232 Ebs Mortgage Finance – V – Mary Teresa Kelly : Porter Morris, / ,
135 2014/00233 Ebs Mortgage Finance – V – Neville De Carteret And Irene King : Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company, / ,
136 2013/00016 Bank Of Ireland Mortgage Bank – V – Patricia Heaney And Nicholas Heaney : Rdj Glynn, / ,

Now tell me that the banks are not in trouble!

28th 04.2014

Hi all,
On Wednesday last, 23rd April, the Land League was requested to provide assistance to a farmer outside Roscommon town, who is in danger of losing his farm. Although the matter is currently before the courts and no decision has yet been made, a neighbouring farmer has created further complications by submitting an offer on the farm to the auctioneer acting on behalf of the creditors, Wise Finance Company, owned by Ronald Weisz from Co. Leitrim.
But, of more concern to all involved, and the Land League, is the fact that the same neighbour has also submitted a sworn affadavit to the courts to show to the court that he has made such an offer, in what would appear to be an exercise to undermine, and make more difficult his neighbour’s effort to retain his ownershp of his farm.
Safly, we have experienced similar underhand activity in Co. Tipperary on another farm by a neighbour and I have no doubt that the Land League will learn of similar actions by neighbours in other areas. We must realise that not all greedy activity and purchases of land and homes are conducted by people from outside our shores, sadly we should realise that a lot of this is also done by fellow Irish people and in many cases by our own neighbour.
The Land League is endeavouring to bring the Roscommon issue to a satisfactory conclusion for both neighbours and at this time negotiations are still ongoing, I would hope that agreement will be reached where no further action will be needed.
It was encouraging to see the large turn-out by people from the local area and others who travelled from places such as Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare, Offaly and even as far as Tipperary for an event which was organised at short notice. While we may complain of the actions of some neighbours our experience so far has been that most people are decent and honourable and willing to help and assist their fellow man, sadly it is just a few that make the exception.
The original Land League was formed in the 1800s to highlight and fight the fact that farmers acted similarly against their neighbours at that time in order to secure their neighbours’ holdings. Sadly, this is not something new in Irish society, unfortunately nothing appears to have changed in 150 years and we are seeing history repeating itself again when it comes to the greed and the desire of one farmer to unjustly possess the property of another.
It was because of the actions of small number of greedy farmers that ‘boycotting’ became popular in the 1800s and it would be dreadful to think that we could see a return to such activity in these times when most farmers and their families are merely trying to survive. Let us hope it does not come to this.
kindest regards to all.
James Devaney
on behalf of the Land League






Irish Fightback 2014 – The Land League Returns:






The owner of a rural hotel has earned praise locally after he cancelled the auction of a family farm that was due to take place on his premises.

The auction had been due to take place yesterday in the Bush Hotel in Carrick on Shannon, Co Leitrim. Owner Joe Dolan cancelled it when he became aware of the nature of the event.

In comments captured in a video posted to facebook, Joe addressed locals who had assembled in opposition to the sale.

He said he was not aware until the previous evening of the nature of the event. He said he was “very embarrassed…and I apologise to my community”.

To applause, Joe, who has run the hotel since 1991, added: “We’re a long time here serving the community…A lot of my neighbours, friends, colleagues, suppliers, employees and former employees are in this room. You’re very welcome, but not under these circumstances.

“Such events might be commonplace in the Shelbourne Hotel, but they are not in the Bush Hotel and never will be.”

Joe said that as a business person, he was aware of his contractual obligations regarding room hire and so on, but that he considered the room over-full and so was cancelling the event “on health and safety grounds”.

After more applause from the floor, Joe went on to invite attendees upstairs for tea and sandwiches.

In a follow-up interview posted to the Reality Ireland YouTube channel, Joe said the owners of the family farm which had been due for sale “are from my parish (and) are well known to me. They are my neighbours and friends and their daughter is a former employee.

“They are from the same parish, the same church and part of the same GAA club that my sons are involved in.”

“I was very uncomfortable about the whole issue.” He described the proposed land sale as “a very emotive event”.







It is vital that as many as possible show up tomorrow as these types of events will unfortunately become more common.
kind regards,
James Devaney.
on behalf of the Land League.



A woman who even in Adversity is helping others to combat the wrongs of Irish banking practice.. Her own case is jawdropping to day the least..

the invasions onto her land, the destruction of her property..
This is a fight to keep a stud farm, its owner has already succeeded in the courts with the argument that the bank has preformed in a deceitful and fraudulent manner.. this is only the first battle..
So Margaret continues her fight .. While I was with her I witnessed awoman who was willing to help others in their fight .. I sat at a table with a superb cuppa coffee and listened to Margarets story and anothers story with a realisation that there are so many stories out there that it is only right we all have a tear in our eye for Ireland..

On Tuesday it is expected that Margaret will have another visitation from the individuals that call themselves ktech securities.. She needs individuals to help ..

If you are local and can spend a few hours, please attend .. and make a stand for someone who is fighting for others in more ways than one.. Difficult to find but you can get directions to from this .. do research your journey .. ~Eoin

24.02. 2014

Anti eviction campaign News from Wicklow  

To-day a group of family supporters, local community volunteers and local elections candidate Sean Doyle of Éirígí Báile Chill Mhantáin  and local éirigí members showed their solidarity for a family facing an eviction  order in Newtownkennidy this morning! This kind of action is happening all over the country and communities are coming together to oppose the outrageous and heartless behaviour of County Councils as the get though with struggling families! On this occasion the council representatives did not show up. The message to-day from the local community is, we will resist any attempt of forced removal and call on the council to engage in dialog and mediation to peacefully end this tragedy!


A small amount say Fitch. But thats based on tales from the banks.

The agency expects loan arrears to peak in 2014, and that 40 per cent of loans that are more than 90 days in arrears will begin to “reperform”. Another 40 per cent will be the subject of some type of writedown, with 50 per cent of the debt in this category being written off. The final 20 per cent of loans will see the associated properties being repossessed.

Overall, the agency believes 4.8 per cent of outstanding mortgage balances (ie, €2.2 billion) could be lost by the banks.

via Repossessions for one in five mortgages in arrears, says Fitch – Financial Services News | Business News | The Irish Times – Tue, Dec 17, 2013.

hang on…

As of September 2013 we had 99189 cases over 90 days, with 18.8b in mortgage loans outstanding.  40% of that is 7.5b and if they lose 50% of that book its already 3.75b. Then if we repossess 20% of the cases and presumably sell they will also lose at least 50% . Thats another 1.8b. So we are at 5.6b losses. Then we have the remaining 40% which will re perform..fully it seems.

Unless only really really good houses with high LTV remaining are going to be repossessed im not sure where the Fitch figures are coming from.   Add into the mix the catastrophic figures on Buy to Let (7.7b over 90 days , presumably most should be repossessed and sold at a 50% plus loss, another 3.35b.

Rather than 2.2b in mortgage related losses, which seems low, we could (but hopefully wont) see closer to 10b in mortgage related losses yet to be seen by the Irish banks. No wonder Mario Draghi is concerned but dont worry… tis but a scratch

full article at source:


By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

The Banks have consistently lied to both the Government and their own share holders how any international financial agency would take their word on anything is just laughable why even the Irish government will be under forensic scrutiny by the ECB and the IMF for years to come and Fitch says the Banks are OK ? Bull**Get real  the banks are Bankrupt and they will be coming after our deposits soon enough!

1st November 2013

by Rich Vetstein

Today, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) ruled against foreclosing lenders and those who purchased foreclosed properties in Massachusetts in the controversial U.S. Bank v. Ibanez case. Here is the link for the decision. I’ve posted the decision below, and I’ve done a video blog embedded below.


For those new to the case, the problem the Court dealt with in this case is the validity of foreclosures when the mortgages are part of securitized mortgage lending pools. When mortgages were bundled and packaged to Wall Street investors, the ownership of mortgage loans were divided and freely transferred numerous times on the lenders’ books. But the mortgage loan documentation actually on file at the Registry of Deeds often lagged far behind.

In the Ibanez case, the mortgage assignment, which was executed in blank, was not recorded until over a year after the foreclosure process had started. This was a fairly common practice in Massachusetts, and I suspect across the U.S. Mr. Ibanez, the distressed homeowner, challenged the validity of the foreclosure, arguing that U.S. Bank had no standing to foreclose because it lacked any evidence of ownership ofthe mortgage and the loan at the time it started the foreclosure.

Mr. Ibanez won his case in the lower court in 2009, and due to the importance of the issue, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court took the case on direct appeal.

The SJC Ruling: Lenders Must Prove Ownership When They Foreclose

The SJC’s ruling can be summed up by Justice Cordy’s concurring opinion:

“The type of sophisticated transactions leading up to the accumulation of the notes and mortgages in question in these cases and their securitization, and, ultimately the sale of mortgaged-backed securities, are not barred nor even burdened by the requirements of Massachusetts law. The plaintiff banks, who brought these cases to clear the titles that they acquired at their own foreclosure sales, have simply failed to prove that the underlying assignments of the mortgages that they allege (and would have) entitled them to foreclose ever existed in any legally cognizable form before they exercised the power of sale that accompanies those assignments. The court’s opinion clearly states that such assignments do not need to be in recordable form or recorded before the foreclosure, but they do have to have been effectuated.”

The Court’s ruling appears rather elementary: you need to own the mortgage before you can foreclose. But it’s become much more complicated with the proliferation of mortgage backed securities (MBS’s) –which constitute 60% or more of the entire U.S. mortgage market. The Court has held unequivocally that the common industry practice of assigning a mortgage “in blank” — meaning without specifying to whom the mortgage would be assigned until after the fact — does not constitute a proper assignment, at least in Massachusetts……………………..

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By Thomás Aengus OCléirigh

This case could show the way for the many thousands of hoodwinked Irish mortgage holders and those who have had their homes stolen from them by the corrupt banks. A Friend of mine who is in the legal profession tells me that is was the norm for banks to bypass the paperwork in order to approve mortgages and that the legal paperwork was not up to date in many repossessions because of the boom time irregularities in the paperwork.

I personally had the good fortune to pay off my mortgage and when I asked the bank for my deeds they sent me out someone else’s deeds after months of constant badgering  them , I got my own deeds. All this from one of the so called pillar banks of this Ba-NAMA republic !This same Bank is now ripping off its customers with penal charges and I fear as the Irish market is now going to be abandoned by the other international banks and we are all going to be left in the hands of these gangsters  and we will get screwed all over again! We have Labour, FG and FF to thank for this as they all have “Public Directors” serving on the various banks feathering their own coffers at the expense of the Irish public!

The time has certainly come for a totally different consumer friendly financial system that does not require ones home to be a financial death trap and a means for the corrupt financial institutions to enslave their customers!

see for example:

I have been part of KIVA for many years now and no doubt I have helped other people to secure a living by micro financial their ideas. We need to start a similar micro finance system here in Ireland


15 th Oct 2013

PAUL MELIA– 15 October 2013

Couple bring test case over mortgage ‘they can’t pay’


A COUPLE claiming they cannot hope to meet their  mortgage payments and give their child an education are taking on their  bank in the High Court.

Also in this section

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Roy and Patrice Keating, from Macroom in Co Cork, have filed a plenary summons against Bank of Ireland in a “representative case” taken on behalf of the 1,000 members of the Debt Options group.

The organisation representing 1,000 distressed borrowers is seeking damages of €1m from the banks as part of a class-action suit.

Debt  Options Ireland said the test case lodged with the High Court would  prove that banks broke contracts, breached regulations and were involved in misrepresentation.

Spokeswoman Claire Cullinane said the  amount of money the Keatings were facing paying in mortgage payments  meant they would not be able to meet payments and “give their child an  education”.

“We want to push for this case to be heard in the next six months,” she said.

She added that they had handed in two pages of claims to the court in  relation to alleged actions by Bank of Ireland, which they believe  breaks the Code of Conduct of the Central Bank, and amounted to gross  misrepresentation.

She said the group had been working with Roy and Patrice Keating for some time.

“The barristers and solicitors we work with chose their case as one to go  forward with. They’re a young couple, with a young daughter,” Ms  Cullinane added.

She said that cases had been built using expert  legal advice, but that the people taking the cases were likely to  represent themselves in court.

Some 120 summonses had been issued  in October last year, and a total of 1,000 cases had now been lodged,  she said. Cases were being taken against all the major banks, she added.

“It’s across all banks. Our summonses say the banks have broken their  contracts, and each summons is looking for €1m apiece in costs and  damages. Everybody in the country with a mortgage should be taking a  case against their banks.”

The cost of lodging papers is €138, but it would cost “several hundred thousand euro” to fight each case, she said.

The Irish Banking Federation said it had not had any contact or engagement  with Debt Options to date. Bank of Ireland could not be reached for  comment…..

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Ben Gilroy’s front door:

In anticipation of an upcoming section of the site, which will be entitled “Templates”, we have decided to share one trick with you a little early. The document in the image below hangs on Ben Gilroy’s front door, and is called the “Removal of Implied Right of Access”.

Implied right of access is what is known as an implicit right. An implicit right is one in which a person feels they have the right to do something, despite that right never having been directly granted to them. An example of this is your postman. Your postman has the implied right to enter onto your land, walk or drive up to your door, and insert letters into your letter box……


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I am setting up a special tab on my blog to help spread the news that the National controlled media wont publish. If you are in position of ANY information regarding any Evictions then please let us know so we will let  everybody else know. so please anywhere in Ireland if you know of a pending evection then please send notice to us here at Machholz Blog and we will post it around the web. Also any of our citizen reporters please send in your photos and videos and we will post them for all to see .These Corrupt Bank Puppets (Sheriffs personal) should be identified and shamed! If you can send photos of any Sheriffs or their Personal or any other “Helpers”  we will be delighted to post them here and shame these same thugs who are after all working for corrupt gangsters working in Toxic and bankrupt Irish Banks. Stand up and fight back against these thugs!

our first report is from the Anti Eviction March in Dundalk Co Louth covered by fellow blogger from

 Awaken Longford Blog

members of the GARDA SIOCHANA, the police forc...

members of the GARDA SIOCHANA, the police force of Ireland, have lunch while guarding the road into the Shell refinery site at Bellanaboy, Erris County Mayo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just returned from the Anti Eviction March in Dundalk Co Louth, great day, great weather, great people. It was fantastic to see people from all over Ireland present, the folks from Anti Household Charges from Carlow/Kilkenny folks from Trim and of course Dundalk itself, it would have been nice to see more people out but with the best of intentions and without mainstream media coverage and promotion it is difficult to get the word out, nonetheless I would estimate 70/100 people and we visited 10 Chapel Lane, the dwelling of Eugene Dooley (commonly none as Doolander) which was violently stolen by the Sheriff in Dundalk Mairead Ahern and her thugs with the assistance of An Garda Siochana last week.

It was important that the people of Dundalk were aware that there is a Sheriff in their midst and so we visited the home of Mairead Ahern in the sleepy village of Blackrock Co Louth and lo and behold An Garda Siochana were present there also.

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