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French implicate companies across EU over horse meat

The labyrinthine nature of the horse meat scandal was further emphasised over the weekend with the French authorities indicating that companies from Romania, Cyprus, France and the Netherlands were part of a supply chain that led to horse meat ending up in ready meals sold across the European Union.

France’s junior minister for consumer goods, Benoit Hamon, said French companies had bought frozen meat from a Cypriot trader who had received it from a Dutch food company supplied in turn by a Romanian firm.

Lasagne meals and burgers suspected of containing horse meat have been removed from supermarket shelves in Ireland, Britain, Sweden and France.

Aldi and Tesco have taken several products off their shelves in the Republic. The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) warned consumers not to eat Findus beef lasagne, samples of which were found to have been contaminated with horse meat.

The UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) is to publish results of a second round of tests it has ordered food producers to conduct on a wider range beef products this week.

British environment secretary Owen Paterson said more contaminated products

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