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Welcome to the world of the enlightened, Yes we need to regain control of our own currency .Handing over our currency to the Germans was a complete disaster .But equally having given control to Gombeens politicians was just as disastrous. We need to take back control but also take back direct democracy for our people and in that way we may at last become masters of our own destiny.
An excellent article and it should e sent to every household in the country!
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With sincere thanks to my friend Tony Brogan…

Talk is cheap. Here is a solution. Tear it apart if you can. It will be my standard answer from now on to any debate on improving this or that. We have to solve the fundamental problem nobody addresses. Our money system
What is not understood, except very few, is that it is the monetary system that has destroyed the economy.
People are blinded by preconceptions and opinions planted by propagandists’ in the media.

We are fed lies and half-truths all the time. Side issues are raised to distract us.
All these topics to debate are red herrings, straw men, wooden horses, to distract. They get us to argue over non entities, to divide us from ourselves.

I spend 40 years reading such pap and could not figure out why there was not resolution, why I did not understand. Then one…

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