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Backlash deepens over water charges


Enda Kenny (left), Leader of Fine Gael, at the...

Enda Kenny (left), Leader of Fine Gael, at the European People's Party Summit on 18 June 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The backlash over planned water charges has deepened after campaigners warned of  a one million strong household boycott.

As Taoiseach Enda Kenny was accused of sending mixed messages over threats to  cut off non-payers’ supplies, a mass of residents’ committees nationwide warned  they would not pay.

Under pressure over the metering plan, the Taoiseach first said homes would  be disconnected if bills were ignored before he attempted to row back on his  words amid angry attacks from the opposition.

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People must realize that these charges (the new household charge ,aka poll tax, these water charges and the charges for the installation of water meters has come about because our gutless politicians agreed to the demands of the ECB to pay for the private losses of the Banks. These Banks borrowed vast sums from German banks that would otherwise have to go bankrupt. By forcing the Irish public to take on these odious debts the government is taking away funds from local county councils, hospitals, and other essential services .Kenny and his band of sell-outs are looking after themselves and you can bet the company that gets the contract to fit these meters will be a supporter of the Government. Kenny and his ministers  are not above looking after pals  when he paid a special adviser way over the recommended salary a few months ago ( see also and

We must put an end to this rip off of the ordinary people .Pushing people to pay taxes without representation is just too much .These faceless men behind the cowards in the Irish Government will get a nasty shock very soon .Threats   to cut off water to homes is about as stupid as you can get  The Irish people will rise up and put these political mouthpieces of these faceless gangsters permanently out of business! Our day will come!

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