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HAPPY EASTER, BILDERBERGERS! Here’s a little problem for you to think about….

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If you have just looked in I strongly recommend you read the full article, you will not be sorry this is one of the Slog best articles .


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I’m not sure if Bilderberg runs the world, or whether it’s the Zionist Elders, Common Purpose, the Kremlin or the Masons. But let’s assume for the sake of argument that all these Bilderberg power junkies with dicks where their brains should be are pulling most if not all of the strings – as opposed to just themselves. They’re not very good at dealing with the crisis, are they?


Well, you might reply (wearing that earnest look adopted by conspiraphiles the world over) not if you think that their goal is to reduce us all to starving slaves. Yes, that’s possible. Except I think they have only one goal: power. The consequences of what they do with it are of no concern to these plonkers. If they were, we wouldn’t be living with the consequences now. The world’s problem right now is not that a secret society is running it; it’s that nobody’s running it.


But let’s park that one, for it is a divide that will never be bridged. My sole purpose on this beautiful Good Friday morning is to put a simple question to all these VIPs: What do you recommend we do when indeflation arrives?


Longer-term Sloggers may remember that three years ago, I invented the word ‘indeflation’ as a description of what awaits us. Or rather, I thought I had: further research from time to time dug up the fact that American investment guru Doug Fabian mentioned it on his site at the same time

HAPPY EASTER, BILDERBERGERS! Here’s a little problem for you to think about…..

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