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Town held hostage by bank

EVERY morning, when I walk to the local Spar in Enniskerry for my news fix, I pass a car park. Nothing remarkable about that.

Next I breeze past the adjoining historic Powerscourt Arms Hotel, a listed building with a proud history. Then I glance at the landmark Enniskerry clock tower (1843), buy the papers and return home to digest the news.

Last week, the car park was closed. It was blocked by steel barriers.

I was a bit nonplussed, but I assumed that the owners of the Powerscourt Arms Hotel had decided to fill in the potholes. Alternatively, perhaps this was a mundane safety issue? Whatever the reason, it is always a tonic to see this beautiful Wicklow village being tarted up.

What an innocent I was. On my doorstep, a typical Irish business bout is brewing

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Burzynski Updates :Cancer Is Serious Business

January 11, 2012

Dear Burzynski Movie subscribers,

We won the audience award for “Best Doc of 2011″ on The Documentary Channel!

A big thank you to everyone who voted! We won the audience award for Best Documentary of 2011 on the Documentary Channel. Please click on this link to see their official announcement, and leave a comment if you wish:

The next airing of “Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business” on The Documentary Channel on January 13, at 5:30PM Eastern time (Dish 197 & Direct TV 267).

If you or someone you know does not have the Documentary Channel, they can watch the entire film for free here:

We also won TWO audience awards at the Festival Human Doc in Warsaw, Poland!

This documentary has also won two audience awards at the Human Doc film festival in Warsaw!

– Here is a link to the festival’s press release:

– Here is a link to some photographs with Eric Merola at the Awards ceremony at the Copernicus Center, Warsaw, Poland:

One award was presented by Edward Halizak PhD., Head of Institute of Foreign Relations, University of Warsaw. The second award was presented by Artur Stepien, Member of The Board of Polskie Towarzystwo Ubezpieczen S.A.

The battle is still far from over!

You have all shown that your dedication and determination can make a difference, at least within winning audience awards—but we still need your help bombarding the officials of Texas, and your local officials in trying to keep this upcoming 2012 Texas Medical Board trial from happening. If you have not yet written a letter, sent and email, or made a phone call please do. If you live outside of Texas, send a physical written letter to the Texas politicians. Please also watch the short film to learn more if you have not yet seen it.

Link to short film and info on this action:

Once we get through this next battle regarding the April 11, 2012 Texas Medical Board trial, our next step is new Congressional Hearings to push for accelerated approval of Antineoplastons. Feel free to contact Rep. Joe Barton in Texas, and Senator Richard Burr in NC—both of whom were instrumental in the 1990’s in holding similar hearings regarding Dr. Burzynski and Antineoplastons.

Joe Barton (TX):

Richard Burr (NC):

We want to create an influx of inquiries, so they will not be surprised when we formally ask them to do their job regarding this important life-saving issue.

All our best,

Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business


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