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Did the greek government prevent a military take over???

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By Laura Smith-Spark, CNN

Athens, Greece (CNN) — Greece’s cabinet voted Wednesday to
support Prime Minister George Papandreou‘s call for a referendum on the latest
bailout plan as soon as possible.

The vote was unanimous, though some of the ministers expressed criticism
prior to casting their votes, CNN affiliate Mega Channel reported.

It came hours before German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President
Nicolas Sarkozy and senior figures from the International Monetary Fund and
European Union were to meet with Papandreou and his finance minister at an
emergency meeting in Cannes, France, ahead of the upcoming G-20 summit.

German and French markets rallied Wednesday after tumbling Tuesday on the
news of the referendum call, and London’s FTSE also closed slightly higher. The
Dow Jones Industrial Average index closed up 178 points (1.53%).

Papandreou is seeking public backing from the Greek people for last week’s
bailout deal, an accord that took months to craft.

But the move has created turmoil in domestic politics and angered his
European counterparts.

A “no” vote could force Greece to abandon the euro and send shock waves
through the global financial system

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Did the greek government prevent a military  take over???

Meanwhile, several senior military leaders in Greece have been replaced.

The Government Council for Foreign Affairs and Defense, which Papandreou
chairs, decided Tuesday on “sweeping changes in the armed forces’ leadership,”
the Athens News Agency reported.

The council replaced the general staff chiefs for the Greek Army, Navy and
Air Force, the news agency said.

Though the government said it was a long-planned, routine move



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One thought on “Did the greek government prevent a military take over???

  1. Maybe an even more important question is how strong is Germany, militarily that is (we know how strong it is monetarily). Also, how ready for war is France? We know the French are not very good on the battlefield and have capitulated once to Germany (WWII) and we also know that France has capitulated to Germany monetarily. Why has the bulldog Noonan turned into a poodle? Is it because threats have been made that aren’t quite on the monetary type? He was all gung-ho -v- the poor Hepatitis B victims but now is a craven coward -v- Merkel and Sarkozy.
    Isn’t it interesting that the cradle of civilization is being refused democracy (which it invented) by Northern European Gallic and Teutonic bullies? How dare these savages lecture a civilized people after their respective behaviour a mere 70 years ago! The lunatics have taken over the asylum!


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