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“Up-grading of Services” by cutting the services of the existing hospital!

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Listening to Fine Gaels Wicklow TD Billy Timmins spin on east coast radio this morning  on what he presents as  the “Up-grading of Services” for the Wicklow public by cutting the services of the existing hospital is just the latest attempt to con the public.I have stated once before these cuts in services are a direct result in the broken promises by the
government who have chosen to continue, to support gangsters in the banks and pay gamblers in the bond markets with the taxes of the Irish public. There is no more money left when they are done paying interest payments to these people. Unless we force the government and their supporters (4 government Wicklow TD’s) to accept that default is the only option left for Ireland .Our national pension reserve is all but depleted, and the money has gone down a black hole and we have nothing to show for it. Who is going to pay for this outrageous robbery? The ordinary people of Ireland will, as the politicians are sitting pretty on their fat lottery salaries and golden handshakes .Timmins attempt to justify the downgrading of St. Columcille’s Hospital Loughlinstown is appalling to say the least.

Listen here to the show:

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One thought on ““Up-grading of Services” by cutting the services of the existing hospital!

  1. Congratulations on this post , you are on the same wave lenght as the Roscommon Hospital action group.

    A common link is the Government fall back position that there are safety issues and the reasons for reducing services are to ensure more safety for patients?
    Governments justify broken promises on more health safety for hospitals by reducing hospital services.
    This sort of deception and semantics is reminescent of the last governments promises that the bank bail out would be the cheapest most cost efficient bail out ever.
    Democracy in action is about to be demonstrated at 6 pm to-day outside Dail Eireann.
    The rhetoric inside Dail Eireann from the Government benches will be related to …”no money for patient safety or for sick citizens as all money must be paid to the ECB, Eu and IMF to repay European banks who lent money to Irish banks.

    Now the Irish citizens must not only pay for bank corruption in Euros but must pay with their lives or the lives of their fellow citizens.


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