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I agree with every word except I would change the end : I want revolution Now ! We thew public have had enough of these parasites and we must have a total change if we want to have any future

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The following is a letter which was sent to the Irish Times in response to an article by Conor Brady, titled “Tide turns as political system struggles to keep its head above water” 26th July 2015…..not a hope of having it printed of course but, here it is for all to see, I am proud to print it…thank you to the author who shall remain nameless as requested:

If I were a reader from outside the state and dependent on the author for an accurate account of what was going on, I might be forgiven if I ended up with the conclusion that Democracy and the Citizenry of this state were being terrorized by an army of 100,000 fascists who beat & coerce poor gardai & beleaguered politicians who have only the purest intentions. “Foul mouthed protestors” compared to O’Duffys blueshirts is a reversal of the fact, that description is far…

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By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

Heading out to Newtown Business and Enterprise centre on the R765 Wicklow Town area, You come across right on the corner in the Enterprise Centre “PET BLISS “ This is a super store for all your pets needs I was allowed to pop in and take a this video to show all of you ! This super store has everything imaginable you would possible need for you pampered pets: Just look at this place it’s got everything! If you need something for you pets then you have got to come here, you won’t be disappointed!
Wicklow buy and sell community, supporting Wicklow’s business

Limerick court house registrar abandoned proceedings as people refuse to be put out of their homes…..

on another front : People are now fighting back against the con men in the Banks!

PTSB the big sell out!
61 of the account holders who were impacted by the mistakes in interest rates charged have lost their properties since the error occurred.
The first was that Permanent TSB failed to inform certain customers of the consequences of their decisions to break early from a fixed rate or discounted tracker period. Those who broke from early lost their contractual right to be offered a tracker rate in the future.

The second was that Permanent TSB failed to inform some other customers of their right to be offered a tracker rate at the end of any fixed rate period.

The Central Bank said that due to the bank’s failures its customers suffered mortgage overpayments; mortgage arrears; legal proceedings; and in certain cases loss of ownership of properties, including some homes.

The failures were identified by Permanent TSB and its subsidiary company Springboard Mortgages Limited. They occurred between 2006 and 2011.

The bank has agreed to implement a major redress and compensation programme to address the difficulties caused to 1,372 impacted Permanent TSB and Springboard customer accounts. The majority of the impacted customer accounts, 1,152, are accounts of Permanent TSB, with the remaining 220 being accounts of Springboard.

The bank said that after a review by Permanent TSB and Springboard, 22 of those people may have avoided losing their properties if the failures not occurred.

Permanent TSB has agreed to offer a compensation package to over 1,000 customer accounts regarding a “serious failure” over mishandled mortgages.

Two main issues were identified

As part of the redress scheme announced today, those who lost ownership of their home will receive compensation payment of €50,000. If the property was a buy-to-let, the compensation will be reduced to €25,000.

In cases where PTSB’s failure was a “key factor”, any monies still owed by the customer on the mortgage account will be written off.

The Central Bank’s Director of Enforcement, Derville Rowland, said: “The Central Bank considers the failures identified by Permanent TSB and Springboard to be very serious and their consequences to be completely unacceptable.

She added: “We encourage customers to use the money provided by Permanent TSB or Springboard to obtain independent advice.

“The Central Bank will continue to pursue its enforcement investigations against both Permanent TSB and Springboard.”

Permanent TSB and Springboard will be writing to all impacted customers over the next two weeks to outline the redress and compensation offer specific to their circumstances.

This is to set out specific details of the mortgage redress programme as it applies to customers’ individual circumstances.

Permanent TSB chairman Alan Cook and chief executive Jeremy Masding described the failures by the bank as “deeply regrettable”.

In a joint statement they said: “The failures which occurred have had very serious consequences for impacted customers and we apologise unreservedly on behalf of the group to them and to all our customers.

“We are truly sorry that this has occurred and our absolute focus now is on correcting the position of every impacted customer as speedily as possible.”

They also said that they would do “everything in their power” to help customers who had lost their homes after the errors, which they said “may have been a factor in events that ultimately led to some customers losing the property linked to the mortgage”.

source :Anti-Eviction Taskforce

By Brian M. Lucey


So this morning the news that Irish Water will, in all probability, not be allowed off the state balance sheet. It remains with us, unlike its instigator, Phil Hogan, now off the state accounts (except for his contingent liability of pension) Given that a main, and in principle laudable, aim of setting it up was to allow that, and in doing so allow it borrow away to invest without that borrowing being on the state headline debt burden, this is a major blow. But how big a shambles is it? Lets compare

We have lots of shambles in Ireland. It may be useful to scale them using standard scales. We have standard scales with which we are familiar – kilograms, megabytes etc. These may be useful. This idea of relative messes came from a post on thepropertypin.ie, on postcodes.

Below is a classification. Lets populate the shamblesverse.

1000 kiloshambles : Any state involvement in things IT, such as PPARs.

1000megashambles : Our transport system, which while improving has been “planned” in a manner that doesnt even reach incoherence. No coherence in tolling, in rail usage, dont even mention the world’s only tram system that doesnt join up,  speed limits that are bordering on the perverse…

1000terashambles : Our planning system for housing or the lack thereof, our general approach to property which is similar to that of a crack addict in an unlocked police evidence locker. We know its bad for us, we still do it…

full article at source: https://brianmlucey.wordpress.com/2015/07/28/irish-water-how-big-a-shambles-gigashambles-petashambles/


Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

An excellent diagnosis of the dire situation our country is in ! The System is largely at fault here (in my humble opinion ) The political system seems to attract self-serving parasites  and chances who only have to get in to the local party and in some cases only a few months of parish pump waffle is enough to secure a seat in the  Dáil and from there just sit tight and climb up the grease lather to the top and hey presto you are now running a ministerial department and your on your way to helping you pals into semi state jobs for life and not to mention those lucrative pensions : Corruption and incompetence  is a must in today’s political class ! Was it ever any different???? Loyalty to the top dog and to the party, is the only qualification that pays big dividends  in Ireland No other qualifications are necessary perhaps a brass neck as well ?

By Janey Tracey

Does quantum mechanics predict the existence of a spiritual “soul”? Testimonials from prominent physics researchers from institutions such as Cambridge University, Princeton University, and the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich claim that quantum mechanics predicts some version of “life after death.” They assert that a person may possess a body-soul duality that is an extension of the wave-particle duality of subatomic particles.

Wave-particle duality, a fundamental concept of quantum mechanics, proposes that elementary particles, such as photons and electrons, possess the properties of both particles and waves. These physicists claim that they can possibly extend this theory to the soul-body dichotomy. If there is a quantum code for all things, living and dead, then there is an existence after death (speaking in purely physical terms). Dr. Hans-Peter Dürr, former head of the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich, posits that, just as a particle “writes” all of its information on its wave function, the brain is the tangible “floppy disk” on which we save our data, and this data is then “uploaded” into the spiritual quantum field. Continuing with this analogy, when we die the body, or the physical disk, is gone, but our consciousness, or the data on the computer, lives on.

“What we consider the here and now, this world, it is actually just the material level that is comprehensible. The beyond is an infinite reality that is much bigger. Which this world is rooted in. In this way, our lives in this plane of existence are encompassed, surrounded, by the afterworld already… The body dies but the spiritual quantum field continues. In this way, I am immortal,” says Dürr.

Dr. Christian Hellwig of the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen, found evidence that information in our central nervous system is phase encoded, a type of coding that allows multiple pieces of data to occupy the same time. He said, “Our thoughts, our will, our consciousness and our feelings show properties that could be referred to as spiritual properties…No direct interaction with the known fundamental forces of natural science, such as gravitation, electromagnetic forces, etc. can be detected in the spiritual. On the other hand, however, these spiritual properties correspond exactly to the characteristics that distinguish the extremely puzzling and wondrous phenomena in the quantum world.”

Physicist Professor Robert Jahn of Princeton University concluded that if consciousness can exchange information in both directions with the physical environment, then it can be attributed with the same “molecular binding potential” as physical objects, meaning that it must also follow the tenets of quantum mechanics. Quantum physicist David Bohm, a student and friend of Albert Einstein, was of a similar opinion. He stated, “The results of modern natural sciences only make sense if we assume an inner, uniform, transcendent reality that is based on all external data and facts. The very depth of human consciousness is one of them.”

Although there is no definitive concrete evidence for this theory, one could arguably afford some weight to these claims if some of the most brilliant minds in quantum mechanics believe that it is consistent with the general patterns and trends of modern science. If proven, this theory could have monumental implications; if humans do “download” their consciousness into a thus far unobservable field, then a person’s consciousness could, in Dürr’s words, truly be immortal.


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