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Love the great outdoors, but not quite ready to go Into The Wild-style and give up hot water and electricity just yet? Slovakian architects have just revealed a super-compact capsule that promises to deliver a nomadic lifestyle, with all the renewable-powered comforts of home. And we really want one.


The whole thing is pretty cramped, measuring just 2.55 m x 4.45 m x 2.25 m, but it’s designed to be entirely self-sufficient for two adults, and is kitted out with a retractable 750 W wind turbine and 2.6 square-metres of solar panels.

The egg-shaped abode, which has been named the Ecocapsule, also has a 9,744 Watt hours battery to store all that power for a rainy (or cloudy) day. The pod is specially shaped to help collect rainwater and dew and funnel it down into a tank below the pod’s floor, filtering it with a clever surface membrane along the way to remove any bacteria.

Inside, there’s a toilet and shower, mini-kitchen, bed, table and storage. The walls are super-insulated to help keep the pod at a comfortable temperature and the home is even capable of charging up your electric car while you tow it.


The design will be on display next week at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, and will reportedly be available to the public later this year (although no word as yet on the price).

Obviously we’d love to see some more research and data on how the Ecocapsule fares in a range of different environments, but it’s a pretty promising design that will hopefully get people thinking about the future of sustainable living. I, for one, wouldn’t mind living in a world where we all carry our homes around with us like some giant hermit crabs. Just imagine the places we’ll go…

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I see people pulling their dandelion, cursing it, kicking it and spraying chemicals all around it.

What people don’t know is that this jagged edged green weed that causes them so much trouble is a powerhouse healing herb full of worthy nutrients.

Most everyone could prosper from the high content of Vitamins A, C and E that this herb imparts.

Dandelion is free, grows without care and then we pull it up and poison it, what an interesting paradox. What we need is right in front of us, yet we go to extended trouble to eradicate it. This gives us a glimpse into our sometimes upside down relationship with nature.

The fruitful uses of this plant go on and on. Its’ nutritive qualities alone are reason enough to incorporate it into your diet.

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Until we get an awakening of the Irish ,Spanish,Italian and Portuguese peoples to the Corporate dictatorship these countries are now in the ECB will continue to dream out their unsustainable economic terrorism in these countries ! This madness must be brought to an end !
A Great article and thanks for posting! :)

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The EU cannot win a war on seven Fronts

More myths were being recycled yet again for public consumption by the Maily Torynaff yesterday. First, Roger Bootle peddled ‘the Greek economy has slipped back into recession line – as if under Nia Demokritia it had been storming ahead. It never left recession, because it was destroyed by the euro-surivalist in the wheelchair, with the lead pipe. But if you want to blame Syriza for that, feel free – the ECB has been vomitting the same drivel for over a month, so why not join in? Second, Mr Bootle blithely concluded that ‘Greece should default and then exit the euro’.

Right then, Rog: sorted mate. Er, just one question: how? There is no way to leave the euro: Grexit is impossible without treaty change. Even then, Greece must give the EU two years notice. I’ve pointed this out so many times…

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This is the first of two sworn affidavits of RTE Business Editor David Murphy in the O’Brien V RTE case. It has been redacted following a court order prohibiting the reporting of certain details of Mr Murphy’s news report. These details were also argued on in court, but Judge Binchy also prohibited reporting of those details.

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Thomas,A newspaper just rejected our ad demanding that Bayer stop selling bee-killing pesticides. They’re terrified of offending Bayer and losing the corporation’s business.

We can’t be censored, and we won’t let Bayer intimidate critics into silence. 

So, we’re getting ready to go bigger. Instead of a regional paper, we’re set to run our ad in one of Germany’s highest circulation national newspapers, so everyone knows. With Bayer’s big annual shareholder meeting happening in just two days, now is the time our message needs to cut through.

But it’s not going to be cheap, and we need another 3,000 people to chip in now to get it to happen. Can we count on you to call out Bayer and beat this censorship? If you’re one of the 6,000 people who have already generously donated, please consider matching your previous donation to help us reach our target.

Yes, I’ll chip in $1 to get ads up in big-circulation national newspapers and save the bees from Bayer’s pesticides.

Thanks for all you do,
Paul, Jon and the team at SumOfUs

A new report finds that the honeybee death rate spiked by 23 percent in the past year. But the world’s biggest producer of bee-killing pesticides calls this “good news”!Will you chip in $1 to fund newspaper ads demanding that Bayer stops selling bee-killing pesticides?

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A shocking new report finds that honeybee death rates spiked by 23 percent in the past year. Bees were already dying by the million, so this is truly frightening news.

And what did Bayer, the world’s biggest producer of bee-killing pesticides, say about it?

They called the increase in bee deaths “good news” — because the increase wasn’t as big as it might have been.

Enough is enough — we’re organizing to demand that Bayer stop selling bee-killing pesticides at the company’s annual shareholder meeting in Germany on May 27.

Will you chip in $1 to buy ads in major newspapers with quotes from beekeepers at the centre of the massive bee die-off that Bayer and its shareholders can’t miss, so that the company will have to take us seriously at the meeting? SumOfUs campaigners will also be there in person to deliver our message.

Yes, I’ll chip in $1 to help stand up to Bayer and save the bees.

Bees play an absolutely critical role in agriculture as pollinators. Many of the world’s most important food crops rely on bees to grow.

And one of the key reasons for the massive global bee die-off is the explosion in use of bee-killing pesticides known as neonicotinoids. Bayer is the biggest producer of bee-killers of them all.

We know Bayer will do everything they can to silence us. But by putting massive ads in newspapers at the heart of Bayer’s global headquarters, they won’t be able to ignore us.

And by bringing beekeepers voices to the forefront — the people who are seeing the massive global bee die-off firsthand — we’ll have the most compelling voices on our side.

Unlike Bayer, SumOfUs doesn’t have billions in corporate profits to pay for actions like this. The only way we can organise the kind of global campaign we need to save the bees is if you, our members, chip in. We’ve done it before with the TTIP meeting in Brussels, and to stop the TPP in New Zealand — and we’re closer than ever to killing those dangerous trade deals.

Can we count on you?

Click here to donate $1 and help save the bees.

SumOfUs members are already fighting globally to save the bees, and making real progress. One of the world’s biggest home improvement and gardening chains, Lowe’s, recently committed to remove bee-killing pesticides from its stores. This came after nearly one million of us spoke out, funded groundbreaking reporting into the store’s pesticide use, and rallied at the Lowe’s shareholder meeting and stores around the world. But we need to do more to win this fight — and the next battle is against Bayer.

Thanks for all you do,
Paul, Jon and the team at SumOfUs

For more information:

New USDA survey reveals alarming increase in honeybee mortality rate, The Globe and Mail, May 13, 2015

A Sharp Spike in Honeybee Deaths Deepens a Worrisome Trend, The New York Times, May 13, 2015

SumOfUs is a worldwide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy. 

The Post Ignorance Project has 1.181 likes. That’s good!! BUT even better would be if more of these intelligent people would donate for the protesting in Vienna. only 14 ppl have supported the cause yet, that’s not good enough.
How many of you really understand that there is no plan B
for mother EARTH & It’s creatures??
Oppose the nuclear bastards.
Do something to show you care… support this protest with all you Heart!!

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