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Homeless crisis in Ireland

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Dear Machholz,

For more than a year the homeless crisis has featured in the news. From the tragic death of Jonthan Corrie on the street in front of the Dail, though promises of ‘modular housing’ and ‘rent certainty’, to the record 1,600 children who are now homeless with their families, homelessness was rarely off the front pages.

But now the election has been called there is a real danger that the housing and homeless crisis will be side-lined by politicians determined to talk only about tax rates, fiscal space and who should get the praise and the blame.

So Focus Ireland is asking everyone who has supported our campaigns to remind politicians that housing and homelessness are not marginal issues, they matter to everyone and require real answers.

We have formulated five key questions that we believe that every candidate should answer.

  1. Will you look for the incoming Government to make a renewed commitment to ending long-term h omelessness and the need to sleep rough and set a target date for achieving this?
  2. Will you insist that the incoming Government has a programme to build at least 40,000 social houses over its lifetime?
  3. Will you support holding a referendum on the ‘right to a home’ within the first three years of the next Government?
  4. Will you look for the incoming Government to have a realistic and effective plan to end family homelessness? T
  5. Will you insist that the incoming Government commit to ending the youth homelessness trap?

You can get more detail on these issues on our leaflet. There are two ways that you can raise these questions with candidates:

  • print out the five questions leaflet and kee p it somewhere near your front door so that when canvassers call you have it to hand. You might want to pick one or two of the five points that mean the most to you – and focus on those along with the other issues that matter to you.
  • Send an e-mail from our campaign web-site to all the candidates in your constituency. You can go to the campaign site here .

We know there are many issues that will be on your mind when you decide how to cast your vote. Your concern about homelessness will be one of them, so make sure that politicians know what is on your mind over the next few weeks.

With thanks for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Allen
Director of Advocacy
Focus Ireland

Brendan Ogle's photo.
Brendan Ogle's photo.


I live in Dublin West constituency for many years and, although not a native, I find the people here as decent, angry, vulnerable and affable as all other Irish people.

That a woman, a Labour Party ‘leader’ would be looking for votes – that act itself implies you think you have some popularity – while having an armed Garda escort is the most bizarre thing I have ever heard in the weird world of Irish politics.

Either the woman is so delusional and loathing of her own constituents that she thinks she needs it, or even worse the GARDAI think she is so despised they cannot guarantee her safety without guns on an election campaign.

Either way it is a sad day for any party, but especially the now disgraced Labour Party, that this is happening.



The Labour party has come up with a “ground braking” answer to Dublin’s Homeless



“Problem Solved” Now vote them back in to the Dáil so they can go nationwide with the idea and yes Dennis O  will be delighted to do the work for a fixed price “Naturally”


North Inner City Water Meter Watch's photo.
North Inner City Water Meter Watch

17 hrs ·

This is the “face” of democracy Fine Gael and Labour style. This is one of the fascist thugs the Blueshirts and their Labour Party lapdogs wheeled out to force water metering on the people of this community and communities all around Ireland. Irish Water and water charges came about with the full support of the Labour Party who lied through their teeth in 2011 and said they opposed water charges and water metering. Irish Water therefore has no mandate.

Don’t be fooled by lies from all the main parties this time. Vote ONLY for candidates who are totally opposed to charges and metering

 This is what we are up against: If you vote FF, Fine Gael, Labour, Greens or the new PD,s/Social Democrats expect more of these types in our streets forcing “Smart Meters” in your ESB Box: We must make a stand against thugs who will use the states power to enslave us all :
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Rowan Clarke's photo.
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23 hrs ·

*Please Share..Two years ago during the local elections, I exposed how Fianna Fail in Cabra were paying hard pressed African migrants far below minimum wage toerect election posters and distribute leaflets on behalf of candidates who they never met nor knew anything about, they were just happy to earn 5 or 6 quid an hour for abit of work. Sometimes over 15 hours a day.
I believe it cost one FF candidate any chance of seat, as it was his mug on the front of the literature.

Well they never learn. As this morning in Glasnevin, this gentleman is by himself on a Windy day, without any help erecting posters on behalf of John Lyons TD of Labour, being paid he claimed 7 EURO an hour, again far below the minimum wage!!!

Junior partners in government no doubt who claim to represent the working people and those at risk of labour exploitation.
The cheek of them pretending to stand against abuse of immigrants, working poor and unemployed. Pretending ‘equality’ is at top of their agenda.
How are they able to get away with this sheer illegal and morally reprehensible practice???

Are things so bad for Labour they have no members left to volunteer to put up posters or have their fat cat TDs and councillors gotten so entitled and privileged they feel justified in paying those they have driven to economic desperation 7 QUID AN HOUR to plaster their lying mugs all over our community

This is shameful and needs exposing.

Living wage they promise? Yeah right.

John Lyons and Labour explain this please??????

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