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Dublin says NO Protest against Austerity in Ireland

Dublin: 27.07.2014

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

Today again for the 70th or so week a small band of citizens from DUBLIN SAYS NO to IMPOSED AUSTERITY had their weekly protest march down O Connell Street: I was fortunate to be able to accompany them. This group are committed to highlighting suffering of the ordinary people and people who cannot gain access to the nations controlled media; the removal of social services, the removal of medicial cards and the evictions not to mention the imposed new taxes on life giving water to name but a few of the cruel austerity measures and on top of all this they also demonstrated their support for the besieged people of Gaza.

What a pity the Sunday Shoppers on O Connell did not share our views and join us!

WE got a lot of two legged sheep here in Ireland! What will it take to wake up the people of Ireland???

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Thankfully the peoples of the world are no longer swallowing the tripe conning from the controlled Media

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

Aengus O Cléirigh

Thankfully the peoples of the world are no longer swallowing the tripe conning from the controlled Media outlets and the government controlled propaganda machines! To-day again awakened citizens of Ireland came out on to the streets of Dublin and showed the gutless politicians who betrayed again the wishes of the vast majority of the people of Ireland to hold the criminals in Israel to account for the murder of citizens of Gaza! The gutless gombeen politicians, who supposedly represent the people of Ireland, refused to condemn the criminal actions of a bunch of raving lunatics in the Israeli Government! Not in my name I do not accept that these puppets are representing me or my family and I demand the apprehension of the war criminals reasonable for the murder of the innocent people of Gaza! I declare that the Irish government are complicit in these murders and that they should also be brought to the international court of Justice! They are equally guilty of Murder!


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The world knows that Israel is committing genocide!

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

Aengus O Cléirigh

The world knows that Israel is committing genocide! The ordinary people are waking up and the governments around the European countries are doing everything to cover up the murders. Our own gutless parasitic Irish government are no better in face they are again showing that they are a bunch of spineless parasites and supporters of this Israeli Murder of innocence, children attending school blown to bits and hospitals been bombed by aircraft qualify as war crimes anywhere else in the world!

Israel has over the last 70 years played the victim card and the world has given them the benefit of the doubt because of the holocaust, but things have changed! Israel has now become the oppressor and is committing the same crimes, committed on the Jews during the 2nd world war! Yes I am talking about MURDER! This Jewish state has created the world’s largest modern Ghetto. After the Berlin wall, the world expected it would never again see such a wall but Israel has built an even bigger wall and the governments and the UN remain silent It has also  built the largest Getto !






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The Tears of Gaza


Comment : By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

Isreal is guilty of Murder!

Israel guilty of Murder: Irish Government complicit by its silence! Anyone who is not moved by this terror is NOT Human: Help stop this murder and bring these criminals to a hangman’s noose!


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Why We Need A European Solidarity Union

by Michael Roth

Europe is heaven on earth, the promised land, as soon as you look at it from the outside. [...] Europe appears in a different light, but always as paradise, as a dream of mankind, as a stronghold of peace, prosperity and civilisation.

Here, Wim Wenders impressively describes Europe’s promise of hope. He is right, and we are made especially aware of it once more when we look around our neighbourhood. Refugees from beyond the Mediterranean Sea are putting their lives at risk because they hope to be safe from persecution and enjoy a life in dignity in Europe.

Yet, from the inside things are not looking so good at present: solidarity in the EU seems damaged, the sense of justice is shaken and social cohesion is too weak. Many citizens are asking themselves: is Europe going to lose its sense of solidarity and social justice in the face of the crisis?

We have allowed the welfare state to be cut back in several member states – especially at the expense of the young, the unemployed, the sick and the socially vulnerable.

We have to counter this impression. Social cohesion and solidarity were always Europe’s trademark and guarantors of the EU’s credibility – both within the Community and in the outside world. However, neither can be taken for granted. They have to be lived and cultivated constantly. We have to be self-critical and admit that while we strove in the light of the crisis to regain our credibility by returning to sound finances, we have allowed the welfare state to be cut back in several member states – especially at the expense of the young, the unemployed, the sick and the socially vulnerable.

There is no doubt that we need a competitive Europe to perform well in a globalised world and to foster our wealth and prosperity. We are bound by our excellence in Europe. This excellence, which consists of economic strength and a certain level of social security, brings with it a responsibility. If principles of the social market economy are thrown overboard, sustainable economic success will not be possible………………………….

full article at source:


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It may not be a technical house price bubble but it sure looks like one..


More sheep chasing phantom money and dreams !

Originally posted on Brian M. Lucey:

so…. another CSO release of house price statistics. Recall that a bubble is where prices deviate fundamentally from their warranted levels. We know that there are massive supply constraints in the dublin region so we should see house price appreciation. But this much?  The largest ever year on year percentage rise ? We are back to the madness it seems.

Here is my old friend SupADF….  Remember  when Mr SADf crosses Mr 95% from below, its BUBBLETIME. So technically not a bubble but give it time… these figures should be a very large bucket of cold water in the face of government insouciance about back to the future…

Screenshot 2014-07-24 18.28.39

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